FREE DAPS co-founder Isaac Knox is a freestyler, rap artist, producer, sound engineer, battle rapper, & playwright. Music and Isaac’s many other “rap jobs” have taken him all over the world, resulting in a Guinness World Record, battle rap trophies, awards for a successful rap musical, and 650,000+ Youtube views. Now, bringing Walt Disney World and Universal Studios their first ever improvised rap shows has allowed Isaac to live in his hometown of Orlando as his own boss, alongside incredible people with FREE DAPS. 

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FREE DAPS co-founder "Heir" Jordan Keyes is a rapper/writer from Orlando, FL. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, he hopped in a car with 3 other rappers and toured the country rapping in churches, coffee shops and abandoned warehouses for the next 3 years.

He has created albums with the groups The King's Offspring and FREE DAPS as well as helped create the rap musicals "Lil Women," "Jekyll 'N' Hyde," and "Robyn Da Hood." 




Jonathan Hugo Hunte is someone who wants to make sure every single person is entertained. As one of the seminal members of Universal Studios' Straight Outta Food Truck crew, Hugo helped craft the first freestyle rap show inside a theme park.

Some of his strengths are comic book/sci fi references, 90s pop culture, and anything else obscure you can think of. He has a big heart and wants to be everyone's friend. 





Sam Hammersley is a freestyle rapper and improv comedian from Indiana. Credits include theme park work at Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. When he's not rapping or improvising, he's a vocal percussionist (beatboxer) for several theme park shows.

He's also a huge nerd; he wrote a nerdcore hip-hop album about Pokémon under his pseudonym 'Shammers', and created his own live show, "Orlando Punslingers - A Game Show for Word Nerds".

After 2 years living in Spain, he even speaks Spanish!



Matthew "Madd Illz" Hills has been killing the mic since age 13. He gained notoriety in the hip-hop community as a battle rapper, even representing Florida in the World Rap Championships. He went on to found the influential battle rap league Grind Time Now, which has garnered over 100 million views on Youtube since its inception. 

His pioneering work in freestyle rap has made him a crucial part of the FREE DAPS team. Despite his aggressive battle rap persona, his sense of humor and genuine love for performing shine through whether he's freestyling in a theme park or opening for some of the biggest acts in hip hop. 



Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Francisco Laboy (a.k.a. Franco) dreamed of becoming a professional comedian and freestyle rapper. Through dedication and honing of his skills, his dream became a reality. He continues to enjoy combining the worlds of humor and freestyle for audiences both with FREE DAPS and at Mama's Comedy Show in Orlando, FL.