Isaac Knox is more than just a freestyler, rap artist, producer, sound engineer, battle rapper, playwright. He's also one inch too tall to participate in Universal Studios' Fear Factor show. He's the whitest Quarter-Rican and most urban Scandinavian in the 407 area code. He can quote scripture, Tupac, & The Grinch like it's his job. Speaking of jobs, he was once a professional balloon artist and now continues that skill on the microphone by blowing hot air for unsuspecting audiences, audaciously calling it art.


Jordan aka Keyes. is not Paul McCartney. Unlike Paul McCartney, he is a freestyle rapper and improv comedian from Orlando, FL with extensive experience in the battle rap world. Dissimilarly to the famed Beatles' bassist and vocalist, he attended UCF, but never received a diploma because he keeps forgetting to pay for his last class. In a manner that in no way resembles any facet of Sir McCartney, Jordan has a passion for chicken tenders and Gilmore Girls. Though we have no confirmation one way or the other, we can only assume that Jordan's goals of writing for a television program and collaborating with folk band The Mountain Goats, are wholly inconsistent with the goals of Wings founder, Paul McCartney.


Who is Jonny Hugo? That is a question that arises too often because he changes him name frequently. How frequently? Let’s just say by the time you finish reading this bio he will have taken on his 12th moniker this year. 

Jonny Hugo is a freestyle rapper, author, writer, actor, and amazing artist who has a chip on his shoulder due to the fact that he’s way better than people give him credit for.... or maybe he’s just not fully self aware. Jonny Hugo can quote Boy Meets World in his sleep, has an unhealthy obsession with Asian buffets, and doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories. He says “conspiracy theories have been created by the government to distract from the fact that mermaids are real.”  

Hopefully one day Jonny Hugo will have finished a series of children’s fantasy books and... I just got word that he’s changing his name again to “Mermaids Exist.” 


Sam aka 'Shammers' morphed from an improviser to a freestyle rapper to a beatboxer after being bitten by a radioactive moth.  The moth was attracted to his pun game show "Punslingers: A Game Show for Word Nerds", his love of all things español, and his shiny white teeth that are slowly being whittled away as he converts his mouth to a drumset, piece by piece.  Now that the transformation is complete, he's a proud member of Free Daps, and he changed his middle name to 'un tss un tss'.

From shaking hands with one of Aaron Neville's brothers in South Dakota to discussing gift baskets with Kirk Cameron in Texas, it's safe to say that Heath McNease has lived the kind of fast paced, jet setting, playboy life that most dream of.
While it is broadly debated among academic circles where his pseudonym "McNasty" originated, they are all in agreement that it roughly translates to "the nasty one" or "he who walks among the nasty".
Heath is a rapper, producer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, freestyle stallion, actor, writer, director, 3 point specialist, worship leader, and father of 13.
Having recorded 20 albums and mixtapes in his career, the prolific McNasty's work ethic reveals the perfect of amount of dark narcissism and need for validation that was sorely missing from Free Daps. 
Will you dip your toe in these nasty waters? Or do you prefer the sanitary creature comforts of those that are unfamiliar with unadulterated pleasure? 
Choose carefully. Choose nastily.